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How to motivate unmotivated kids

Motivating unmotivated kids

With so many distractions and diversions these days it is very difficult to keep your kids focused and motivated towards the right goals (and let’s not debate on what is right and what is wrong, fundamentally we all know). You constantly need to make an effort to motivate kids that are feeling unmotivated or distracted.

Kids these days don’t take much interest in studies and quality reading. All the time they are playing games on the computer, texting on their mobile phones or posting their Facebook updates. They have little patience for intellectual building, quality reading and studying.

But you can always motivate kids by making subtle changes in the way they work. Mentioned below are a few steps that you can take to motivate your unmotivated kids

Create shorter goals

Shorter goals are easy to visualize. Take for instance solving 20 math problems. Encourage them to solve just 5 problems at a time. You can apply this method to every type of meaningful activity. If you want your kid to read some good book don’t ask him or her to read the entire book or even an entire chapter. Just motivate him or her to read a couple of pages at a time and then leave it up to her or him whether he or she wants to proceed further or not.

Set realistic expectations

Whenever you decide to motivate your kids don’t set very high expectations especially when they are not used to such environment. Set realistic goals and expectations in the beginning and then gradually try to stretch yourself and your kids.

Provide constructive assistance

Most kids resist or even resent studying and reading simply because they think they are being forced into doing something just because they are kids and you are having a great time all this while. Make it a group activity. Decide that at a particular time everybody in the family is going to study. Maybe you have to take care of some accounting or other work that you can do while your kids are studying. Then together you can decide to read your own individual books or a single book together.

Practice patience while assisting your kids. If you want to motivate them and keep them motivated then you have to inculcate confidence among themselves. If they are having a problem don’t offer a solution outright. Present pointers to them that can lead them to solutions. Make them believe that they are the ones who are coming up with solutions and answers.

Create a work environment

Do your kids have a separate study room? Normally it is not possible and even a separate table would do. There has to be a designated place where your kids can study and read and preferably these places should not have distractions like computers and phones. Sometimes computers are necessary to study, but make it a separate activity, something like, they have to walk to another room in order to access the computer.

Wean them away from computer and TV

The reality is kids used to be smarter when there were no computers and TVs. Maybe more information is available, but how are they processing and retaining this information, this is what we have to consider. It is simply passive assimilation. There is no exploration. Every bit of information is so easily available that it is no longer valued. Kids simply assume that whenever they want to find out something they can easily find it out, and hence they rarely do the research. This leads to demotivation. You can motivate your kids by encouraging them to use more brains rather than machines.

These are a few things you can do in order to motivate your kids.