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How to make mundane tasks pleasurable and exciting

Mundane tasks can be boring as well as uninspiring but most of them are unavoidable, for instance, waiting at the doctor’s clinic, as explained in this LinkedIn article. Everybody is getting bored and everybody is a bit tensed up, suddenly this bright and chirpy girl brightens up everybody’s world by initiating a chain of funny and engaging conversations.

This may sound clichéd, life is what we make of it. Many companies try to coat bitter medicine with sugary substance because, well, why not? If taking this medicine cannot be avoided, why not reduce the unpleasantness by using some sweet coating? The same concept can be applied on our day to day mundane tasks. We can incorporate interesting and innovative routines to make mundane tasks interesting, meaningful and entertaining.

Even regularly changing the desktop image of your computer can brighten up your mornings. You can create a folder and store all your favorite, preferably high-resolution, images and photographs there and then set your PC to alternate between these images and photographs as your desktop background.

Do you know that these days you can get shower heads that will also play music? Everybody can become bathroom singer but not everybody wants to. Some people would like to listen to soothing music while having their bath. People used to take portable music players (in fact, they still do). According to recent advertisements on TV, you get showerheads that also double as stereo speakers for your music system.

Find driving to your office boring? Why not take another route? Why not change mode of transportation? If you go by car every day, you can try the Metro or the tunnel. You can ask one of your colleagues to give you ride or offer somebody a ride so that you have company when going to office. Try to play different games when you’re dropping your kids to school.

Once you decide to make your mundane, day-to-day tasks interesting, you will be able to come up with many innovative ideas.