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How to make OpenOffice.org run faster in Ubuntu

OpenOffice.org is installed by default when you install Ubuntu and normally it is very slow no matter how fast your machine is. Since it is one of the best office suites available in Ubuntu, you have to make do with OpenOffice.org and in this blog post I’m going to show you how you can make it run faster in Ubuntu.

OpenOffice.org comes with many default settings that you normally don’t require and if you can slightly change the settings you can definitely make it ran faster. It won’t affect the performance and normally you don’t even need the settings in day-to-day conditions. So this is how you can make OpenOffice.org run faster in Ubuntu.

Launch the OpenOffice.org word processor the following path

Applications > Office > OpenOffice.org Word Processor

Once the OpenOffice.org word processor is loaded, go to Tools and then Options. This is the Options window you get:

(Click to enlarge)

Expand the OpenOffice.org menu (if it is not already expanded) and then click Memory

Under “Undo” reduce “Number of steps” from 100 to 20-30

Under “Graphics cache” set “Use for OpenOffice.org” to 128. The original is around 6 MB.

Underneath, set “Memory per object” to 20 MB or 30 MB.

Under “Cache for inserted objects” set “Number of objects” to 20

You can also enable “systray quickstarter” if you don’t mind OpenOffice.org occupying some of your memory.

Now click Java (in the left hand side menu) and unselect “Use a Java runtime environment”


Click the OK button and close OpenOffice.org. Restart it and to your great joy you will discover that it runs much faster in Ubuntu now.