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How to optimize your Facebook Business page for Graph Search

Facebook graph search

In order to stop more and more people from leaving Facebook the company is constantly adding new features. Normally when people have to do a search, they head to Google.com or some other search engine of their choice. Searching the Internet is one of the most indulged-in activities and Facebook would like people not to leave its website to do searching. Hence it has launched Graph Search. Now it doesn’t mean that there will be lots of graphs when you carry out search using this feature. Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land has properly explained in this blog post in what different ways you can use the Facebook Graph Search.

What implications does it have for your business? People using Facebook for their daily dose of search certainly means that now they would like to find your business on the social networking website rather than a search engine. This also means that you must have a presence that can be easily noticed and found. How do you do that?

Facebook is all about connections. Just as Google ranks your website according to the various people linking to it, Facebook is going to highlight your business page according to the number of people “Liking” it. For instance, if you’re looking for a content writer for your business and there are some of your friends who have already liked a content writer’s Facebook page there is a very big chance that this particular content writer will show up in your search.

And that’s not only it. You can search if there is a restaurant in a particular area that your friends like. You can search if there is a barber your friends like. Of course there is a fat chance that your neighborhood barber has a Facebook business page, but you get the idea.

Anyway, if you want your Facebook business page to rank higher, you need to make as many people “Like” it as possible. How do you do that? Of course the basic tenets of communication, quality, engagement and networking, on a sustained level, apply here too.

Use the right name for your business

Ideally, the name of your Facebook page should represent your business. Make it as apparent as possible. People shouldn’t have to think even for a couple of seconds to figure out what your Facebook business page represents.

Describe your business

Although your rankings primarily depend on how many people are liking your page, the words that you use to describe your page will also play an important role.

Post quality content under your business page

In order to make your people like your page, you need to offer them quality content. This can be in the form of important and useful information that you share with them. It can be the updates about all the exciting things happening at your business. You can post images and videos that people would like to like. The basic point is, people should instinctively click the Like link when they see your content.

Engage people constantly

Nothing beats engagement. Interact with people. Let your business become familiar to them. Visit their profiles randomly and post updates on their timelines (make sure you don’t spam and simply share important updates). Whenever they leave a comment on your business page that warrants a reply, do reply within a realistic timeframe.

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