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How to overcome laziness and increase your productivity

Overcome laziness

Laziness might be one of the greatest reasons why you’re not able to achieve your true potential. It saps your energies and it stops you from being optimally productive. It can be a great productivity killer. The problem with laziness is, in most of the cases it is not even intended. You don’t actually want to be lazy. It just happens to encapsulate you within its thick miasma that somehow you cannot penetrate. In order to be successful in your life, you need to overcome laziness and increase your productivity.

This well-written blog post elucidates 15 ways you can overcome your laziness. Some of the highlights are (there are some points that don’t appear in the original blog post):

Get rid of your habit of procrastination

A lot of your laziness may stem from your habit to procrastinate. It means postponing your most important tasks perpetually. Get to the real stuff right now and complete it. Don’t even think of postponing it. A prominent trait of procrastination is needlessly spending time on unproductive things like checking social media updates, leaving comments on various websites, reading seemingly informative articles and blog posts and collecting various bits of wisdom that you’re never going to refer to or use. All these activities, although make you feel as if you’re doing something important, are not contributing towards your overall growth. Your overall growth happens when you do the real work. For instance, if you have a big project going on and you are spending your time leaving comments on your friend’s photograph on Facebook, you have a big case of procrastination.

Set a well-defined deadline

Setting a deadline will only help you if you are true to your self. For instance, if today is Tuesday and you set your deadline as Friday, then you should make sure that your work is done by Friday.

Divide bigger tasks into smaller ones

This can be the greatest way to overcome laziness. Most of the laziness that comes from procrastination normally originates from the overbearing aspect of the tasks that need to be completed. If you’re working on a big project, for instance, creating an inventory solution, divide it into smaller, easily doable tasks and then just focus on those tasks rather than the complete project. Focus on a module or a function.

Always know what you have to do

Maintain a tasks list on a calendar of things that you need to do. If you just have a broad picture of what needs to be done, you never know actually what you should be doing right now, and when this is not clear, you tend to procrastinate and this leads to laziness. When you know exactly what you’re supposed to do then you don’t have to spend your energies and tire yourself trying to figure that out. You will also feel more motivated once you know what you need to do right now.

Interact with highly busy and motivated people regularly

It is very easy to feel lazy, drained and unproductive if you keep on living in your own isolated world and if everybody around you has the same tendency. If you want to get out of the loop and if you think that your current environment isn’t as conducive as it should be, seek out people who are driven, motivated, hard-working and action oriented. In the beginning, if your reputation precedes you they may try to ignore you, or avoid you but don’t let it make you feel let down.

Share your problem with your friends and family members

Don’t feel ashamed of your laziness. Although it is not an attribute that you can proudly wear on your sleeve, this is certainly a problem and at one time or another, every person goes through it, so they will understand. Let it be known to people around you that you are trying to overcome laziness and increase your productivity and you want their support. You want encouragement and you want them to help you remain focused.

Think of the benefit of working hard

Working hard always yields results sooner or later – it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to lose 50 or 100 pounds it will take time accordingly. If you want to be a highly sought after financial adviser, then first you will need to deliver advice that performs exceptionally well and in order to achieve that, you will have to study and work.

Get to the root cause of the problem

Maybe laziness is not your real problem. Maybe you’re always in a state of low energy. How much sleep do you get? What do you have in breakfast? Do you do lots of physical activity? Do you drink lots of water? Are you going through a bad relationship? Is there a person around you who is always putting you down? All these things can drain your energy and motivation and a desire to work hard. These things have got nothing to do with laziness. Who knows, you might be depressed and you don’t even know it. Try to change your diet. Increase your energy level by eating good and exercising regularly (you will feel bad in the beginning, but gradually it will improve if you persist). Seek medical help or counseling if you think you’re going through depression.