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How to get paid writing assignments from your blog

Paid writing assignments from blogging

Want to earn money off your blog? If you have good traffic you can publish ads and make some residual income. If ad-based revenue is not your cup of tea, since you are already a prolific writer (that’s why you publish a blog) you can get paid writing assignments with the help of your blog.

First of all you have to realize that paid writing is going to be different from writing for your blog. You will need to develop professional habits like turning in your work within the decided time-frame, using a language and style that tallies with your clients’ business and developing a well-defined invoicing system. Writing for your personal blog allows you lots of luxury that you will have to get rid of when you start writing for money.

Here are a few things you can do to get paid writing assignments from your blog.

Declare it on your blog

If you want people to give you paid writing assignments you have to declare it somewhere on your blog, preferably prominently. Let it be known to your visitors that you are looking for professional writing assignments. Create a dedicated page explaining your qualifications and methodologies. If you have already worked on paid writing assignments mention that on that page. You can also create the terms and conditions section and let your prospective clients know up front how much you’re going to charge or at least how you calculate fee when you take on new writing assignments.

Attract the right traffic

In order to get paid assignments you need to attract people who would be interested in hiring you and paying you for your writing services. How do you do that? Create targeted content.

You create blog posts that talk about your profession, in this case, writing (content writing, copywriting, article writing, etc.) and what makes you capable of delivering professional writing services. You will need to orient your blog content in such a manner that people who are actually interested in working with you land up on your website and blog rather than people just looking for tips and tutorials. This can be a major problem with a blog as most of the traffic normally consists of people looking for educational material rather than commercial.

Have a contact page

Create a contact page with all your contact information including a working phone number, e-mail address, and a contact form. Specifically mention on that page that you are welcoming queries regarding professional writing assignments.

Upload your writing samples

Although your complete blog is a writing sample, your clients would like to see specific samples to make out whether you are the right writer for them or not. If you haven’t already worked with paying clients, you can create hypothetical samples and mention that on the samples page. The more samples you can put up, the better will be your chances.

Publish testimonials from happy clients

Have you already done writing jobs for some clients? Great! Politely asked them if they can send you some testimonials that you can publish on your blog. If they are too busy to write testimonials for you, you can write the testimonials for them and then get their approval before publishing.

There are many bloggers who successfully use their blogs to get paid writing and speaking assignments. You just need to establish your authority, do the needed amount of networking and present all possible information on your blog that can help your prospective clients decide in your favor.