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How to make phone calls on your iPad

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you cannot make phone calls on iPad. Although making phone calls would be one of the last things you would like to do from your iPad (simply because it would be extremely awkward), but what the heck, why not make phone calls from your iPad if you really want to? Skype comes to your rescue. Once you have installed Skype on your iPad, you can easily make calls from it because you can make calls to usual phone numbers from Skype.

The ability to read eBooks from Apple’s iBooks, Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook certainly makes the iPad one of the most versatile eReaders on the market. Apart from reading eBooks, you can actually watch movies and videos and the iPad can even serve as a portable TV through the use of the Sling box and the Sling player for iPad.For busy professional who want to conduct business whiles on the go, you can turn it into a telephone with video capabilities by downloading Skype from the application store on it, and its free of charge.

Installing Skype on iPad and making phone calls

After downloading and installing Skype on iPad it will turn your iPad into a telephone which allows you to make unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls for free or pay for the ability to call landlines and mobile phones. You can also call to other phones at a low price.

Below are some step by step instructions you can use to install Skype on your iPad.

  1. Press the “Home” button on your iPad. Slide the arrow to the right to unlock the device.
  2. Simply tap the “App Store” icon on your iPad. Then gently tap the search field, type “Skype,” and click “Search.”
  3. Just tap the “Skype” app that appears in the search list. Tap the “Free” icon on your iPad; it will change to green text that states the following: “Install App”.
  4. Tap “Install App” to install Skype on iPad App page. Enter your iTunes password when prompted.

Voila! You are ready to use Skype on iPad, simply tap the Skype app on your iPad to open it and enter your Skype name and password and you are done. Now you can make phone calls from your iPad just the way you can do it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab.