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How to use Pinterest to save images


Pinterest has taken the world of social media by storm and it is already surpassing many websites in terms of getting unique visitors and sending qualified traffic to websites and blogs. The Time magazine called it one of the “50 Best websites of 2011” despite the fact that very few people using Facebook and Twitter are aware of the website.

If you’re wondering what the heck is Pinterest you are not alone, because initially when you visit the website, it is a bit difficult to make sense of exactly what people are trying to achieve there.

But same confusion existed when Facebook and Twitter started – people had no idea what to use them for.

Pinterest clipboards

Basically, you can use Pinterest to create online scrapbooks according to your interests. Have you ever used Delicious.com to organize your links? Well, in the case of Pinterest, instead of links you are organizing images. But before that you have to sign in first, and in order to be able to sign in, you have to get an invite from Pinterest. Once you have gotten yourself an invite, you can either use your Facebook or Twitter login to log into Pinterest, or you can simply use your own e-mail ID and password to achieve the same.

Once you have signed in for the first time, you are presented with “pins” from people you would most probably like to follow.

Interesting Pinterest profiles to follow

It is sort of a virtual pin board that you can use to organize images and videos of your interest. Once you have signed in, you can start following people and “repinning” whatever they have pinned and you have liked. The “repin” option gives you a good head start because you don’t have to hunt for content in order to fill up your profile with attractive images.

Pinterest repin option

Organizing your images using Pinterest

In order to organize your images in Pinterest you can create “boards” and then pin different images under different boards.

Creating a new Pinterest board

For instance, you can create a board like “My Favourite Bedroom Layouts” or “Cutest Puppy Photographs” and then start storing images accordingly.

You can either pin images from Pinterest profiles themselves or you can also pin them from external websites. In order to quickly achieve this you can go to this link, and then add a pin marklet


Once the marklet is in your browser bookmarks bar, whenever you want to pin certain images on a web page, click the link and all the images present on that webpage will appear in front of you as a collage and you can pin individual images under your appropriate boards.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can follow people on Pinterest and people can follow you so that whenever new content is pinned the followers can be easily notified.

So what is the sense of using Pinterest? It is good for organizing information visually. Suppose you are a designer or a visual artist or even a photographer, you can create boards for different instance either to organize your own content to get inspired.