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How to post longer Tweets on Twitter

Twitter allows you just 140 characters to express your thoughts, including words, links, punctuations and spaces, which, in most of the cases, is long enough. But what if you want to post longer tweets? Although it’s more fun, and convenient to limit yourself within 140 characters, some ideas do need more than 140 characters.

If you regularly want to post longer than 140 character tweets then may you should use some other system, but occasionally, you can try out these methods to post longer tweets:

Use TweetShrink feature in TweetDeck

In case you are using TweetDeck, which is a desktop Twitter client it has a TweetShrink feature: after entering your message you click this button TweetShrink and it shrinks your message so that “You can easily shrink this message with this” immediately becomes “U cn easily shrnk ths msg w/ ths”.

Use shorter forms and abbreviations

It’s like this text message fad where “you” becomes “u”, “we” becomes “v” and “for” becomes “4” and so on.

Create a small blog post and then link to it from Twitter

You can accompany the link with a shorter and succinct description of what you’re communicating so that your followers have an idea of what to see once they click the link. If you don’t have blog you can use a service like Posterous.

Use tweet-shortening services

  • FireFox plugin Twitzer. This plugin is created by the people who made ShortText, a utility that lets you create short streams of text and then use the link anywhere you feel like, without having to have a website or a blog. You can install Twitzer here. Once you have installed the plugin, you go to your Twitter home page, enter your tweet without bothering how many characters you are typing. Once you have had your fill, right-click anywhere on the text and in the ensuing menu select “Twitzer text”.
    It shortens the text and the remaining can be accessed by clicking an automatically-generated link.
  • Twitlonger. This tool does the same thing as above. Log into it using your usual Twitter login, create the epic message and it posts a link to your bigger message.
  • JumboTweet. OK, we don’t like posting repetitive information as it becomes kind of boring, but this link too does the same thing.