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How to preserve battery power of your smart phone

There might be scores of features and programs that constantly drain out your smart phone battery. Many of these features you don’t even use. Conserving your smart phone battery can be really critical during emergencies and natural calamities such as the recent Hurricane Sandy.

The biggest drain on your smartphone battery might be your Bluetooth, according to this Wired article. So switch it off if you don’t need it. Remember that the basic idea of keeping your smart phone running is that you can contact people and help agencies in the times of need. Here are a few more things you can do to conserve battery power of your smart phone:

  • Switch off Wi-Fi if you don’t need it (especially when there is no power and Wi-Fi is anyway not working)
  • Reduce the brightness of your screen. When you are indoors and your surroundings are darker there is no use of having a bright screen. Reduce the brightness of your screen as much as possible. This will save you lots of battery power.
  • If you don’t need location-based services, turn them off.
  • 3G, 4G or LTE can quickly suck your battery. In the times of emergency anyway you won’t be surfing the Internet. Even if you want to use the Internet, you can switch on the service and then quickly switch it off.
  • Switch on the airoplane mode; this can save you lots of battery power.
  • If your laptop is around and it has some battery power left, you can use it to recharge your phone. Remember that in the times of emergency a working phone is far better than a working laptop.
  • Use your smart phone as little as possible – this is obvious.
  • If you need to tweet, you can SMS your messages instead of actually using some Twitter client. In this recent blog post we discussed how to use Twitter without an Internet connection.