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How to prevent your Twitter account from being hacked

Preventing Twitter account from being hacked

Surprisingly it is not difficult to hack accounts whether it’s your e-mail account, your Facebook account or your Twitter account. The primary reason could be that these days we are accessing our online profiles from all sorts of places like public Wi-Fi hubs and 3G (4G, 5G, etc.) connections. This is especially true for Twitter because it is ongoing conversations and we’re continuously connected by one or another connection.

Listed below are a few steps you can take in order to prevent your Twitter account from being hacked

Use the HTTPS connection

Just recently Twitter introduced the HTTPS connection that makes your Twitter interactions more secure. This way when you are using a public Wi-Fi nobody can intercept your messages and get your login details. It is very easy to switch over to the HTTPS connection. Please refer to the How to activate HTTP access on Twitter.

Avoid using weak passwords

It’s amazing how simple passwords people use to manage their online profiles on Twitter and elsewhere. Even for their online Internet banking they use simple passwords like their wedding dates, the initials of their children or even their own names. Sometimes they simply use “password” for their password! Most of the Twitter accounts and e-mail accounts are hacked due to weak passwords. Although Twitter and other websites advise you to use strong passwords by using a mix of alphanumeric and numeric characters (including symbols) some way or the other people still end up creating extremely simple passwords. You need to create intricate and hard to guess passwords. Please refer to How to create a strong password and remember it and also How to create secure passwords and keep them safe.

Be careful of phishing scams

If you have been on the Internet for a while (even for the past six months) you must have received e-mails asking for your password, home address, credit card information, et cetera, just to confirm them. These are called phishing scams. The senders of the e-mail pretend to be the genuine company and they ask you to send the information just to update their records. For instance, if somebody wants to hack your Twitter account he or she will send you an e-mail that prompts you to visit a link that seems to be a Twitter link and enter your login and password. They will say that you have won a prize and for that you have to enter your Twitter login details. They will use all sorts of excuses to entice you to summit your login details.

How to avoid such scams. Never get carried away if somebody declares a huge sum of money to you or if you get an e-mail from Twitter that asks for your login and password. The actual company never sends such an e-mail, just keep this in mind.

Don’t use infected and insecure computers

It is advised that you don’t use computers that are publicly available, that might be infected with virus and spyware and that are totally insecure. Hackers normally use such computers to obtain login information.

These are a few things that you can use to prevent your Twitter account from being hacked. In case you are aware of some other methods please mention them in the comments section.