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How to produce quality blog content consistently

You need to produce quality blog content consistently if you want to have a successful blog. Although the definition of success varies from person to person a successful blog means you are able to generate income out of it by your preferred means. You don’t need to directly generate income out of it, it’s just that in order to have a successful blog it must have an outcome. And this outcome can only be achieved if you could produce quality blog content on a regular basis.

Easier said than done. The thing is, whenever we start a new blog we are brimming with ideas. In fact that’s what forces us to start a new blog; all of a sudden we think we have got so much to write about a particular topic. Even those who have no passion for blogging and just want to publish blogs for generating advertising revenue underestimate the importance of “wearing out”. Sooner or later you run out of topics or steam, whatever happens first. But there is one thing that everybody knows: you need content regularly and it needs to be generated over a very long period of time before you can experience some degree of success. Nonetheless 99% of bloggers fail to achieve more than 5% of their true potential because they cannot produce quality blog content consistently. The following points may help you to some degree:

Realize that publishing a blog is an occupation

When you start publishing a blog take it seriously. Taking it seriously means you must have a strategy and you must have short-term and long-term plans vis-a-vis your blog. Create a content strategy as well as a marketing strategy because both the activities go hand in hand and if done in isolation your blog is going to fail. Just as you have a proper plan when starting a business have a plan before starting a blog too. Just because it is very easy to start a blog it doesn’t mean it is not a serious business. Remember that whenever there is a question of money things become serious.

Create a schedule and stick to it

Just like a regular job or a business you need a tight schedule in order to produce quality blog content consistently. If there is a characteristic of randomness in the way you manage your blog it is going to be very difficult to go on producing quality content on an ongoing basis.

Maintain a list of probable titles

Since it is very difficult to come up with new ideas every day keep a list of probable titles that you would like to write on. These are the ideas you often get while working, travelling, interacting with people or going through websites, magazines and newspapers.

Set aside some time for reading other blogs and forums

You can get great writing ideas from other blogs and online forums. You may find thing you disagree with or if you have got something extra to add. It may give you an idea of an altogether different post or you may decide to present the topic from another point of view.

Search social media and networking websites

Find out what people are talking about your subject. Do they seek some answers? Do they offer answers that are not sufficient enough? Is there some interesting debate going on your subject? By conducting simple Twitter search you can come across lots of interesting material to write about.

Take help from your visitors

Your visitors can be the best source for new material – they come to your blog because they are interested in your subject. For instance if you’re publishing a blog on e-book readers then your readers may have many questions on how to choose the best e-book readers according to their individual preferences or how to tweak their e-book readers.

Draw new topics from exhibiting blog posts

Sometimes lots of things are left unsaid while you’re writing a particular blog post. You can revisit your existing blog posts and find out how you can extend them into completely new blog posts. Suppose there is a bullet point that you never really explained in a particular blog post. Convert that bullet point into a separate topic and write a blog post on that.

Write old blog posts with a new perspective

We are constantly changing and learning new things. Our opinions change and we discover some things can be done quite differently than we previously thought. In fact you can decide to disagree with your own opinion if you had that opinion, say, a few months ago or a couple of years ago. It shows your readers that you are not stuck in a mental time warp and you are constantly learning and evolving.

Occasionally touch upon other subjects too

I don’t mean that you should change the direction of your blog but sometimes it is alright to talk about other things happening in the world too. If you primarily write about web design it is all right to talk about the volcanic eruption happening currently or another world event that is going to affect a large population. You can also sometimes talk about social issues and environmental concerns. It shows that you are concerned with the well-being of the world in general and your readers in particular.

As you have read above the key to creating a successful blog is generating lots of quality content on a regular basis. All successful bloggers have their own mechanisms and methodologies to keep publishing great content, but the underlying approach is the same: you soon run out of ideas and you definitely need to implement a strategy to come up with new and relevant content on an ongoing basis.

How do you generate quality content on your blog? Please share your ideas and opinions in the comments section.