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How to be more productive by becoming unreachable

Contemporary technology makes it very easy for people to reach us and distract us at any moment. How many times somebody has called you when you’re just about to do something very important or something very intimate and exclusive? E-mails, phone calls and chat messages neither have time limitations nor geographic boundaries. People don’t think twice before pinging you even if you have set your status message as “Busy” or even “Insanely busy”.

There are multiple reasons why we are constantly being bombarded with messages and intrusions. We like to think we are highly sought after. When we work from home people believe that we don’t have a schedule and hence we can be disturbed at any time. Even at workplace if people are free they assume we are free too. Some mistakenly believe that some interruptions are necessary for work and hence acceptable. So the communication channels are always open. They are constantly receiving e-mails and messages. Their phones are constantly ringing.

This blogger significantly improved his productivity by becoming unreachable.

Being unreachable doesn’t mean becoming a castaway on a remote island. It just means setting boundaries when you can be reached and when you shouldn’t be disturbed.

Although you can train yourself to be creative despite disturbances, creativity can be highly fickle. Suppose a brilliant idea of an article hits you and as soon as you start writing it the system pop-up tells you you have got a new mail or someone has pinged you on Skype. Pop goes the initial rush of creativity and you start going through the email message. By the time you have sorted out the email matter all the initial creativity-rush is gone and you either don’t want to work on the article or you have no idea why you started working on the article in the first place and what was such a big deal about it.

And this is not just a single instance. It happens repeatedly and alarmingly, you don’t even realise it unless you are conscious of it. Constant communication takes a big toll, and again you don’t have to become a castaway in order to become unreachable. Just begin to set boundaries. Follow the quick tips mentioned in the above-mentioned link to make yourself unreachable and increase your productivity.