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How to get a productivity and energy boost in the middle of the day

Energy Boost

Getting a productivity and energy boost in the middle of the day can considerably improve your output, whether you work for yourself or in an office. This is the time when you begin to feel drained and tired and your brain gets slow. A sudden bout of exercise can increase your blood flow and send more oxygen to your brain.

Remember that your productivity and energy level are directly related. And they are related from both the angles. When you feel productive you automatically feel energetic and vice versa. Productivity is something that is not in our hands due to various reasons, but energy level is something that you can control by timely exercising.

Productivity and energy boost with exercise

According to this article on fitness repeated studies have shown that regular 2 ½ hours of exercise in a week (it doesn’t mean that you have to exercise 2 ½ hours everyday) can considerably improve your productivity over a long period of time. Low intensity exercise such as walking, slow jogging, walking up and down the ramp or even yoga can reduce sluggishness and rev up your energy level.

It also says that a moderate cardio exercise can give you a two-our creativity boost immediately after the workout session. Another study has shown that there is a 5-10% improvement in cognitive function in those who go to the gym and exercise regularly.

But how do you exercise in the middle of the day to boost your productivity and energy level?

You don’t need long stretches of physical activity in order to feel energised. A quick round of the staircase can give you ample amount of activity. Cover a couple of floors with quick steps to pump in blood into your heart and also to your brain.

Another method (Don’t Do It If You Have Some Heart Condition) is having an intense workout for just a minute. Don’t do it with a full stomach. Go to an empty patch around your building or wherever you can find it. For 1 minute run as fast as you can and then stop to catch your breath. Remember that you have to stretch your limits otherwise it won’t be of any use. After a couple of minutes run again as if you have to run for your life, for 1 minute and then stop. Do this for 3-4 times and you are done for the day.

Productivity and energy boost just before you begin to feel sluggish

We all know what are our sluggish periods during the day. If you have been observing yourself and if you are concerned about maintaining your energy level throughout the day, you must be worried about a particular patch of the day when you don’t feel up to the mark. Let us say it is 2 PM. So set an alarm at 1:30 PM on your phone and then go for a brisk walk. In the beginning you might not feel the change, but gradually as your body begins to assimilate the benefits of regular exercising at that particular time, you will feel improvement in your energy level as well as productivity.

In the end, don’t overdo. Normally this is our tendency. We begin something with great enthusiasm and we overdo. Then we have a negative experience and then develop a negative opinion about a positive thing. For a sustainable productivity and energy boost during your sluggish hours, you will have to exercise consistently for at least a week before you begin to feel the change.