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Productivity tips to get you by any lean period

Productivity is an enigma to many. What exactly is it? What makes you feel productive by the end of the day? What did you achieve in order to be able to feel productive? The answers might be as unique as there are individuals on this planet, but there is a universal trait that everybody needs to follow. One needs to create a conducive environment in order to be productive. You cannot suddenly decide one day that you are going to embrace productivity and lo! you are on your way to stardom. Doesn’t happen that way.

Being productive is less of a decision and more of a lifestyle. You need to get into the habit of being productive and just like any habit, you need to follow certain routines in order to get into that mode.

The best way to compile a list (well, it’s not always the best way, but in most of the cases it is) of favourite things to do in order to be productive or in order to achieve anything, is to outsource the wisdom, and this is what the Buffer team did. The famous social scheduling and tracking website asked its Twitter followers what they do in order to be, and remain, productive, and here are a few insights shared by its followers (most of the insights are predictable, but it always helps to go over them again and again):

  • Get outside and play – Spending some time in nature is the best way to recharge your batteries and stay productive. It’s same as having outdoors activity and exercise. In fact this is a good way of spending time with your kids, with your spouse or partner or even with your dog.
  • Reflect everyday – What you value the most and where you need to spend more of your time and energies?
  • Eat the frog first thing in the morning – No, you don’t need to head to the nearest swamp, it merely means complete the toughest, most repulsive task the first thing in the morning so the rest of the day seems like a cakewalk and hence, fun filled.
  • Maintain a tasks list – It works for some and doesn’t work for some, it depends on how serious and sincere you are while creating, maintaining and executing your tasks list.
  • Take a nap whenever you feel like it – Although it might not be possible for most of the office going population because normally an office has a routine and people dozing off during work time isn’t taken in good spirit by the employer or by the boss, if you are fortunate enough to work from home, you can devise your routine in such a manner that you can take a nap whenever you’re feeling drained. You might be wasting lots of productive time while trying to fight off your need to go to sleep.

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