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How to read more books in less time

Reading more books

Why do some people seem to have read every possible book you have heard of? It’s not that they don’t have jobs or the stay at home or they don’t do other fun activities. Despite being very active, socially as well as professionally, they get enough time to read the books they want to read. And not just reading books, they can also dig out the most important passages from the books and present them to you.

This blog post on Lifehacker throws some light on how some people achieve this. It again all boils down to organization.

Here are a few things you can do to read more books in less time (not all these points are included in the Lifehacker link):

Always keep a book by your side

When you have a book around you, sooner or later you start reading it. It keeps staring at you accusingly, constantly pricking your conscience. Then you have to pick it up, flip through the pages, and eventually, read it. Jokes apart, having a book around is the best way to make yourself read it.

If you can afford, use an e-book reader

Aside from its environmental plus points, an e-book reader allows you to carry, to use a cliché, 100s of books at a time. Mind you, this can be distracting – having lots of choices delays decision-making – but the good thing is, reading a book on an e-book reader is quite convenient. You don’t have to manage hundreds of pages. You can create annotations. You can immediately look up words that you don’t understand (most e-book readers these days come with their own preloaded dictionary)

If you have an Android tablet then you don’t even have to purchase a dedicated e-book reader like Kindle or Nook. You can simply install an e-book reading app and read your collection.

Keep a list of books you want to read handy

In many cases we don’t know what books you want to read. You either come across the names of the books while reading other articles and blog posts, or from your friends, and even while reading other books. Take the initiative and prepare a list of books you would like to read. Also have an inventory of books that you already have so that you don’t purchase particular books multiple times by mistake. If you want to read many books you can also maintain a spreadsheet with different columns of books that you are about to read and the books that you have already read.

Consider book reading important

Just as physical health is important, so is mental health. Reading is good for your mind. Of course there are many people who don’t have enough time to build physical as well as mental health, but what I mean to say is, if you want to read more books, then you have to take your book reading seriously. Allocate some time. Even if it’s 10 minutes that you can take out of your busy schedule, use those 10 minutes to read. Weekends can be a good time to read books. There are some people who go on holidays especially to read books.

Join a book reading club

If self-motivation – when it comes to reading books – doesn’t come to you on its own, you can join some off-line or online reading group or club. There are many. The good thing about joining a group is that everybody decides to read a particular book and once everybody has read it they talk about it. This kindles enough interest and this is also a highly engaging exercise. Besides, doing an activity with a group is always more entertaining than doing it on your own.

The author of the above-mentioned blog post also suggests how you can save notes from the books you read. He advises you to use Evernote which is an excellent notetaking application. This will especially come handy if you’re reading books off your tablet where you can run multiple applications simultaneously.