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How to restart your physical fitness routine after a long break

Pick yourself again up

Incorporating a physical fitness routine can be a complete lifestyle change. Once you have set a routine for yourself you get into that mold and it becomes a habit to exercise or go for a run or do yoga on designated days. What happens when you fall sick, or meet with an accident, or need to take care of a loved one or go through a divorce? You simply want to stay inside and do nothing and that’s what you end up doing for weeks, four months, and even for years. It becomes a gargantuan task to pick up the pieces and restart your physical fitness routine. Every step feels like a big effort and giving up seems to be the only viable option.

This article on Fit Sugar suggests you take smaller steps. Don’t worry about regaining your previous physical fitness routine. Given your current physical and mental condition, it will not only be difficult, but also unhealthy to resume a 10-kilometer jog suddenly. A good thing is, you know what your body is capable of and so it won’t take as much time as it took the first time you started your physical fitness routine. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Just start spending some time in the environment regularly: You don’t have to exercise, you don’t have to do yoga, you don’t have to run. Simply be there. If you used to go to the gym, just visit the place for a couple of times every week. If you worked out in the open, just go outside, and sit on the grass. Just think about today. Let the feeling of the place seep in. In most of the cases people can start their workouts on second or third time, but even if it takes you a couple of weeks, don’t worry. It’s far better than just staying where you are and doing nothing.
  • Create smaller goals: Whether you jog or you do yoga, start with smaller doses. Go for walks if you cannot jog right now. Even if you want to jog, just run for 500 meters. Remember that right now the priority is not getting your physical fitness routine back, the priority is getting out of the situation you find yourself trapped in. If you’re facing obesity, just replace one helping of your normal food with healthy food. You don’t need to replace completely.

Various researches have shown that starting a physical fitness routine the first time is easier compared to starting it again. So if you feel it is very difficult, you are not alone. Just remember that the problem is not the long break, the problem is when you give up on you.

One thought on “How to restart your physical fitness routine after a long break

  1. Richison Eric

    Doing physical fitness activities continuously is the good for health, but some people are giving the break in the middle. It is not good for anyone, once we started, then we have to continue for life time., it gives the great results to us.

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