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How to revoke access to your various online accounts and profiles

Most online services like Google, Twitter, and Facebook (just to name a few) allow other apps and service providers access to their authorization features. For instance, you visit the website and it requires you to register. You can either create a new account or you can log in using your Google or Facebook account. Since normally you are in a hurry to access the contents of the website you choose the easier option: instead of creating an account specifically for the website, you tend to click the Google or Facebook button in order to login. Although this gives you immediate access to the contents of the website, it also allows that website a good amount of access to your Google and Facebook accounts.

The terms and conditions of many such websites state that they can post content on your behalf once you have given access to your account to them. In a hurry to sign in, we rarely read their terms and conditions.

The problem with giving these apps and websites access to your online accounts is that if someone decides to misuse them, or hacks them, your accounts are exposed too. Except for a few reputed services, you are never sure what measures they take to ensure the safety of your online accounts. Besides, during your daily usage, you don’t even keep track of which apps and websites you have given access to.

Here are a few links you can use to review access or at least have a glimpse of websites and apps that can access your primary online accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Google Account

There are so many services that allow you to log in using your Google profile credentials that by now you must have lost track. In order to see which websites and services you have accessed so far using Google account credentials you need to go to this link:


Here is a glimpse of the various services that might be accessing your Google account. As you can see, there is a “Revoke Access” button that allows you to shut down the access.

Revoking access to your Google account

Links for other services are

You can find links to some more profile management links from where you can remove access to your various online accounts, on this link.