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How to get rid of negative people around you

Getting rid of negative people

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If you have lots of negative people around you you’ll need to get rid of them if you yourself don’t want to end up feeling negative about yourself and about the others. Negative people have this nagging tendency to spread their negativity wherever they are and if you don’t get away in time they can really sap energy out of you.

How do you identify negative people around you

  • They always see the proverbial glass half empty. Negative people find something to crib about in any situation. They are always complaining; it’s as if all the problems in the world have fallen upon their shoulders. They never see the positive side of any situation.
  • They always find faults in you and discourage you. Since they basically don’t want things to get better, anything good and positive is unacceptable to them. Have you got a get idea and you end up sharing it with a negative person? You’ll immediately be provided with a long list of things or events that can go wrong and it’ll eventually be established that your idea sucks.
  • They are highly selfish. Negative people are very self-centered; they are constantly thinking about themselves and they think the world revolves, or should revolve around them. They are totally clueless when you go to them with your problems and they are never there when you need them, despite you always being there. They are too self-obsessed, and that’s why they’re mostly miserable.
  • and these things never stop. This is what differentiates a negative person from a person just going through a bad patch.

How to get rid of negative people around you

Negative people around you can be at home and at your school, college or workplace. Getting rid of negative people at home can be a problem and I don’t mean to say you abandon your loved ones if they are going through a bad patch. This also applies to your close friends (in fact they are your close friends because once they were not so negative)

  • Talk to them. This is more important if a negative person is around you at home. You cannot shun that person and you cannot leave home. The best thing you can do is let the person how you feel. Let him or her know that the negativity has begun to rub onto you and is affecting you. If he or she is a well-wisher he or she will understand you 100%. If not, well, let other members of the family know what’s going on in your mind. The same goes for your close friend: be there for him or her, but if it never seems to end then you must draw a lines, unless you too want to end up in the same frame of mind.
  • Instill confidence in yourself. Be a highly positive person yourself (you don’t need to turn into a new age guru). Are you sure of what you are doing and you are fully capable of doing it? Then don’t pay attention to what negative persons around you, especially at your workplace, have to say. Have confidence in yourself and don’t let people deter you.
  • Don’t offer your shoulder right, left and center. Are people dumping all their emotional problems upon you? Do they run to you the moment they need a shoulder to cry on but vanish when you are looking for somebody to talk to? Make an exit strategy as fast as you can. You don’t need to be out-rightly rude, just make an excuse they cannot counter (oh! I’m going to shit in my pants if I don’t run to the l men’s room now). Eventually they’ll get the message.
  • Make it clear to people around you. Express your discomfort openly and this will surely help you get rid of negative people around you. At work they are not your family members and they’re not (probably) your close friends so you can simply tell you’re not comfortable being always a target of so much negativity.

As is the case with getting rid of any negative problem first of all you need to realize and accept that you’ve got people around you who are transferring lots of negative energy onto you. Then you can gradually start dealing with them.