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How to use your Samsung Galaxy Tab or any other tablet for day-to-day use

Samsung Galaxy Tab uses

Tablet PCs like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad are not just gadgets and toys to show off or fiddle around; you can actually achieve a lot once you get used to using them and carrying them around as productivity tools.

Undoubtedly, at least according to its current version, Samsung Galaxy Tab is a consumption tool and not a production tool, although you can easily post social networking updates, for instance Twitter and Facebook. For Internet-based activities like social networking and chatting you require either Wi-Fi or 3G. Listed below are a some great uses can put your Samsung Galaxy Tab to.

Use as an e-book reader

Tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab come with great e-book reading applications like Aldiko and Kindle (you’ll need to install them after downloading them). Even the default ebook applications that comes with Samsung Galaxy Tab has an awesome ebook reader that can easily turn your epub file into a nice flippable book with great customization options. Of course it doesn’t compare to the actual Kindle or any other e-ink supported (with e-ink technology you can read even under the sun) but if you mostly read indoors then tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab provide a great e-book reading expeprience, especially when it comes to reading the classics.

Use as a newspaper reader

Especially on the go. But frankly, for reading newspaper I’d recommend an iPad and not a Galaxy Tab because the screen is not big enough to facilitate newspaper reading.

Use as reminder, schedule manager and notepad

There are some great scheduling apps available on Samsung Galaxy Tab but even the one – Calendar – shipped with the default installation has comprehensive features for creating task lists, daily, weekly and monthly schedules.

Use as a communication manager

You can easily use Samsung Galaxy Tab as a communication manager. Whether you want to interact on Twitter and Facebook, or you want to quickly check your email and send one-or-two-line replies you can easily do that provided your device can connect to the Internet. You can also keep major text chat and voice chat clients like GoogleTalk and Skype running. Unlike other tablets you can use your Samsung Galaxy Tab to make and receive phone calls but using such a big device as your phone can be a bit inconvenient, especially when you can only use the speakers.

Use as an education tool for kids

The touch-sensitive screens and easy portability make tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab ideal for education for kids. There are some great interactive tutorials and ebooks that you can download and install onto your device.

So these are some great uses to your tablet PC. I have purposely excluded games and entertainment because in most of the devices these days there two options are a given.