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Save a web page straight to a PDF file

Do you know that every modern browser these days allows you to save webpages straight to PDF files? Yes, you no longer require an external PDF program to achieve the same task.

Although you can do this in all major browsers (especially if you use Ubuntu), we will see how you can do this in Google Chrome. Open a web page you would like to save as PDF file.

In Chrome these days the menu icon looks like this:

Chrome menu button

When you click this button you will have to go to “Print…”

Chrome print menu

You are presented with a screen where you can select which printer you want to use for printing.

Choosing the right printer button in Chrome

In the preceding screen you can select “Save as PDF”

Save as PDF in Google Chrome

That’s it. Once you click the “Save” button you will be prompted to select the name of the file and by that name your webpage will be saved as a PDF file.