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How to search engine optimize (SEO) your Facebook fan page

Do you know you can also search engine optimize (SEO) your Facebook fan page? Almost every business that takes online advertising seriously these days has a Facebook page. It not only helps you draw lots of traffic from the social networking website it also helps you expand your brand. A Facebook page is good to reach out to a vast market it contains. According to the last count Facebook has 500 million members so you can easily imagine what sort of action takes place on this social networking website.

But having such a vibrant community also means there is lots of voice and it is very difficult to be found among thousands of similar businesses. It is same as search engines. When you’re looking for something you get thousands of results and among them you go to only those websites that appears within the first or the second page. Although you don’t use Facebook primarily for search it has potent search feature that even search engines like Google are incorporating in their general search. Therefore it is very important that you search engine optimize your Facebook page in order to get good traffic from general search engines as well as Facebook. There are a few things you can do to search engine optimize/SEO your Facebook page:

User a relevant keyword or brand name as your Facebook fan page

The name of your Facebook fan page is very important so include your keywords if you can. When people are using the search box of Facebook to find information the Facebook fan pages having the same characters as contained in the search term immediately start showing up in a drop-down list.

Use the primary search term in the URL of your Facebook page

Don’t keep your Facebook page URL just as cryptic numbers. You can easily log into your account (if you have an administrative access) and change the way your URL looks. Ideally it should look like http://facebook.com/yourbusiness if you are a known brand and http://facebook.com/searchterm if people would look for the search term rather than the company name. You can easily change the Facebook URL (they call it the username) by going to http://www.facebook.com/username/

There might be a problem if you have just created the page. It seems Facebook doesn’t allow you to create recognizable username (associated with your product or service) if you have just created the profile and the page. You will need to wait for some days and fill up your profile with some good content.

Optimize the About section


The About section is where you talk about your page and provide the initial information to your visitors. This is a good place to use your primary keywords related to your business. Keep your keywords as close to the top as possible but make sure you don’t sound spammy.

Optimize the Info tab


When you create a page there are some tabs that are automatically generated and one of them is the Info tab. This is where you can give plenty of information about the page in particular and the company in general. This is a good place to include your primary and secondary keywords and key phrases.

Post fresh content regularly related to your niche

Facebook pages and profiles gain prominence as you publish targeted content on a regular basis. Most businesses try to post at least 5-6 updates every day but it depends on your audience.

There are many search engine optimization activities you can perform in order to improve your Facebook fan page rankings but the primary goal of this post was to explore things that you can actually perform on Facebook. If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments section.