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How to select the right keywords for SEO

Right keywords for SEO

The entire strength of your SEO strategy rests upon the selection of the right keywords. SEO basically means getting targeted traffic from search engines for the right keywords and key phrases and this traffic comes only when you have content centered around those keywords and key phrases. This is why it is very important to know what are the right keywords for your SEO.

Do the right keywords for SEO just mean writing for the search engines?

Certainly not. Your website or blog content must always be written for human readers because eventually they are the ones who consume your content. The search engines merely find the content they are looking for and bring it to them for the keywords they use in order to find it. So you have to create your content in such a manner that the search engine algorithms find it worthy of higher rankings for the most appropriate keywords and search terms.

The right keywords are most probably not the ones that you think people should use, they are the ones people are actually using. That is why in order to select the right keywords for SEO it is very important that you see your product or service from the perspective of the end users, the people who are eventually going to look for it and use it. Now they are going to look for it according to their own understanding not your understanding. You might be seeing at things from the technical side whereas your customers and clients might look at them for their utility value. For example when you think in terms of megapixels they might think in terms of image size and image clarity so instead of focusing on megapixels for your website or blog content you will be focusing on image size and image quality.

Listed below are a few steps you can take in order to select the right keywords for your SEO strategy

Start researching keywords before writing content

It is very important that you know what keywords you are going to focus on before you start publishing content on your website. If later on you discover that most of the keywords that you have used to generate content were misguided all your effort will be wasted and once the pages get indexed it becomes very difficult to get them refreshed (not impossible but it may take quite a while).

Use the right keyword research tools

Personally I’m not a big fan of keyword research tools unless you have a very big budget and you plan to generate thousands of pages to accommodate all those keywords and key phrases that these keyword tools finalise for you. Nonetheless they are a great way to get a glimpse of different keyword combinations that can be used while you are generating your content. One of such keyword research tools is the Google Keyword Tool. Again, its suggestions would depend on the type of keyword you submit to it so you need to know the fundamental keywords you need to focus on before you can use this tool.

Another reputed keyword research tool for SEO is WordTracker; this is perhaps one of the oldest keyword research tools and also one of the best and most comprehensive. Paid version is a bit on the expensive side and I wouldn’t advise it unless you have multiple websites to search engine optimize, even its trial version gives you a fair idea of its capabilities.

The keyword research tools not only give you a list of keywords to play around they also tell you actually what people are using in order to find businesses similar to yours.

Talk to people directly

This is surely the best way of finding the right keywords for your SEO. Talk to people who are not involved with development of your product or service but who would be the right candidates as customers and clients. They should need your product but shouldn’t be aware of it. Ask them what search terms they would use on the search engines in order to find what you can offer them.

Focus on primary and secondary keywords

Primary keywords are your main keywords and you may generate the maximum amount of traffic for those keywords and the second keywords are different combinations of primary keywords and related keywords. For example if you supply organic foods then “organic food suppliers” would be your primary keyword and “supplying organic food”, “Best organic food suppliers”, etc. would be your secondary keywords. Sometimes secondary keywords can stretch to an entire sentence.

These are a few methods you can use to select the right keywords for SEO.