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How to select the best to-do tasks management app for your specific needs

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A good thing about these days is that you have an application for practically every thing you want to do. For instance, instead of the heavy binders or unmanageable yellow notes, these days you can use to-do list management applications on your desktop, laptop, tablet PCs as well as smart phones. The problem is, which app is the best for you? This blog post on Mashable reviews a few of them.

Although your productivity ultimately depends on your desire to improve yourself, a task management app can help you organize your activities and let you track your progress. It will give you great high if you can tick mark all the tasks that you have listed as “completed”.

The choice of the application depends on the device that you use and the platform that you prefer. If you mostly work on your computer then you would choose something that you can use to your PC interface. You can use the paper sticky notes. Windows 7 these days comes with its own little application that lets you create multiple sticky notes and place them everywhere on your desktop.

For Tablet PCs and smart phones the choice of applications is quite big, but among the most widely used is Astrid, which is available for multiple mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. A good thing about Astrid is that if you login using your Google ID (for instance your Gmail), all your tasks are synchronized in the cloud. This way whether you’re working on a mobile device or your PC/laptop, you can access the interface and manage your tasks list. The free version is sufficient for most of the requirements, but if you want more razzmatazz, even the paid version is quite cheap. The application has a great interface, in fact, the best in this arena.

Surprisingly, the blog post mentioned above hasn’t covered Any.Do which too is an excellent task management application. In fact many people will find it better than Astrid. In spite of having a minimalistic interface it uses all the contemporary animation trickery to make using the application as enjoyable as possible. It also comes with its own Chrome extension that enables you to access your tasks even from your computer.

Remember the Milk or RIM is one of the oldest task management applications. Initially it used to be just a website (in the pre-smartphone era) but these days you can download mobile applications and use the service from your smart phone and tablet too. It is also available on multiple platforms but it has some quirks. Having said that, people who have already been using this service for many years, would find it easier to continue with the service even on their phones and tablets.

If you’re looking for something really simple, you have Todo.txt from Gina Tripani (of the Life Hacker fame) that manages your to-do list using a simple text file and then saving that text file in your Dropbox folder.

Some people also prefer to use their e-mail service to manage their tasks, as Anthony Casalena shares in this Lifehacker interview.

Various task management applications come with different features but while selecting the best to-do tasks management application you need to decide exactly how you will be using them. For example, why I use Astrid is because it lets me scheduled tasks according to my preference (dates, times, priority and in the various lists).