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How to sell 1 million self published books as an independent author

Becoming a successful author can be one of the toughest tasks to achieve and it is more difficult if you have decided to become an independent author. Being an independent author means you straightaway sell your books without working with a publisher or an agent. How is it possible?

The Internet.

Websites like Amazon.com allow independent authors to straightaway publish and sell their books without involving agents and publishers. Again, how is it possible? It isn’t magic, it is simple hard work, persistence and a bit of strategy.

Writing in itself is hard work. It is harder for people who are employed and are writing whenever they can. It means cutting down on everything else, sometimes even family life. Whether you like it or not, really enjoy it or not, you just write without making excuses. You write everywhere, and any time. You don’t wait for the perfect moment, awesome scenic surroundings, or the silence of the nature. Whether you are in a toilet, on a train or sitting inside a cafe, you keep writing.

As an independent author who has decided to self publish his or her books, it’s not just writing that gets the job done. You also need to deal with the business of publishing and promotion (conventionally this is handled by the publishing company).

Digital publishing makes it easier to publish digital books, but in order to sell them you need a presence on the Internet. You need to constantly interact with your prospective readers, while writing, and even when you have published. You can achieve this by maintaining a highly active blog and keeping the buzz alive on your social networking profiles such as on Facebook and Twitter.

This blog post on Copy Blogger chronicles an enlightening journey of an independent, self published author who put aside the conventional wisdom and charted her own path. As an independent author, being a writer wasn’t enough; she also had to keep her audience engaged. On her own she had to decide her publishing platform and take all the risks. Listed in the blog post are the qualities needed to reach the place that she eventually reached as an independent author.