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How to do SEO copywriting with keywords

SEO copywriting with keywords can increase your search engine rankings manifold but you need to be careful about overusing it. How do you actually do SEO copywriting with keywords?

SEO copywriters are hired when businesses want to increase their search engine rankings through targeted content. It mostly involves:

  • Researching keywords that users might use in order to find those businesses using various search engines
  • Generating content around those keywords for better search engine rankings

Is doing SEO copywriting with keywords bad?

Depends on how you use the keywords. To be frank, SEO copywriting, according to the popular perception, is employed to increase search engine rankings for the targeted keywords. In reality, SEO copywriting means preparing the right content using the right keywords. If you are simply generating content to increase your search engine rankings then it’s neither benefiting you nor your visitors. You may get lots of traffic and it may massage your ego but in terms of making money, you won’t be much of a performer.

Well-directed copywriting must focus on providing valuable information to the visitors. What’ valuable information? Information that

  • Educates people
  • Helps them make informed purchase decision
  • Encourages them to promote your content using various channels available to them
  • Encourages them to take extra steps to keep track of what’s going on on the website

Creating highly focused pages makes sure you use the words needed to express your thoughts, and that’s how you actually use keywords in SEO copywriting.

How to do SEO copywriting with keywords

  • Stick to a single topic. If you are covering a particular topic, stick to it. For instance, I’m writing this blog post to talk about how to do seo copywriting with keywords. I’m just focusing on this topic without talking about all other methods to optimize your websites and blogs. This way I’m naturally using my keywords without resorting to some trickery.
  • Use keywords in your web page title. Your webpage title tells your prospective visitor what you’re going to say on the page. Be very specific and to make sure you’re very specific use your primary keywords in the title. Remember that your web page title appears on the search engine result pages as a hyperlink. Your title is also used by people promoting your link on social media and networking websites. Even when they bookmark your web page they recognize it by your title. So make your title compelling and use your keywords while creating your webpage title.
  • Use keywords in headings, subheadings and bullets. All these elements are used to highlight and organize your main point. Your visitors should be able to get most of the information by just going through your headings, subheadings and bullets. Since they sum up your entire web page content, even the search engines take them very seriously and take into accounts the words you use at these places
  • Use the keywords for hyperlinks. Need to link to internal and external hyperlinks. As anchor text, instead of using “click here” you can use some descriptive hyperlink containing your main keywords as anchor text.
  • Strategically spread your keywords. Use your primary keywords at the above mentioned places. Them mention them once in the beginning, then wherever the seem natural, and if possible, once in the last paragraph.

Would you like to share your own thoughts on how to incorporate your keywords into SEO copywriting? Do share them in the comments section.