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How to SEO your website for local business

Internet is the de facto destination whether your business caters to a global market or the local market. Hence it is very important that you SEO your website even for the local market, that is, where your business operates.

Although this Search Engine Land blog post is titled around working on local SEO and basically focuses on how to promote your online business locally. But it has some good points that you can use that can become an integral part of your overall SEO effort.

Locally if you don’t face much competition you can easily optimize your website according to your location. For instance, if you are the only company in the Tri-state area that delivers home paints at your customers’ doorsteps you can easily optimize for “home delivery paints in tri-state area”. But what if you are a web design company in Johannesburg and there are scores of other companies? The listings on Google’s search result pages have been reduced to 7 links and since most of the business happens through the first page listings, it is very crucial that you appear there for local searches.

How do you do that?

You need to figure out what search terms your prospective customers will be using in order to find you. Suppose you want to be found for people looking for a web design company in Johannesburg. So web design and Johannesburg must be the combination you should focus on. There are many people who would create lots of content for just Johannesburg but that wouldn’t solve your problem. It has to be in combination with the phrase “web design”. If you have lots of competition you will need to focus on lots of areas in order to appear on the first page, preferably, within first or second results.

Another good thing that is mentioned in the above linked blog post is focusing on Google Plus. Create lots of localized content on your website and then post links to that content from your Google plus account and then encourage as many people as possible to 1 your posts. Google Plus content is becoming an important factor in search engine rankings very fast. You can also encourage your customers to leave feedback and reviews on websites like Yelp and other review directories.

You can also engage your local customers and clients via Facebook and Twitter.

How about getting external links?

You can participate in the local events and get press coverage as a result. You can also organize your own events to create