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How to solve writer’s block by having conversations

No professional writer is unfamiliar with the dreaded writer’s block. For the uninitiated, it is a state when, no matter how experienced you are, you just cannot write. Your brain is jammed and you feel like the worst writer in the world. It is like physical activity. If you remember, sometimes you simply cannot get up. Your body totally feels drained and every movement is labored. You would simply like to crash into your bed, sleep as if you’re never going to wake up. Something similar happens during the writer’s block.

Dealing with writer's block

This blog post at V3im suggests that you can solve your writer’s block by having a conversation with someone, and it makes great sense.

The author of the above-mentioned blog post was able to solve her writer’s block by having a conversation with another person. How did this happen?

When you are talking with someone else, your brain is more active than when you are simply thinking. When you are on your own, it is very difficult to think out of the box. You are in the same loop since there is no external stimulation.

When you talk to somebody, that person acts as a catalyst. When you have a conversation with the person you really like and respect, your brain cells are stimulated and you get more interested in the subject. Your brain allocates more thinking resources to this particular activity. Since in most of the cases writer’s block manifests when you are less interested in a particular topic (there is no adrenaline rush and there is no increase in the heartbeat), the interest that is triggered by having a conversation with one of your favorite people tricks the brain into thinking that you really like the topic and hence you feel more energized as well as creative.