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How to spend your time to be happy

Being happy

In today’s busy world you need to consciously spend some time to be happy and feel joyful. With our very stressful lives and with little social support we don’t even realize how badly we just need to throw back and feel good about our surroundings.

The importance of being happy

Various studies have repeatedly shown that happy people are more productive, are healthier and less prone to harboring bad feelings towards people and things. They have better social lives and also make people around them happy.

A great thing about happiness is that it’s a state of mind and it does not depend on your circumstances. A homeless person living in a cardboard box can be happier than a person travelling in a luxury car, and this is not just rhetoric. If you are happy,

  • You constantly feel good about yourself and about the world
  • You live longer
  • You have a better health
  • You bounce back faster in case of an emotional or financial setback
  • You are more likely to be romantically involved
  • You solve problems better and faster
  • You always find the glass half full and look at the brighter side of every situation
  • You don’t like violence and you don’t like taking drugs
  • You are more helpful and hence more likeable
  • You are more lucky compared to sad people as you are always full of energy and in a positive frame of mind

Spending time in such a manner that it makes you happy

According to this article in Business Insider, you can spend your time in the following ways in order to feel happy:

  • Be in the company of happy people: This is not to say that you always spend time among people who are perpetually in a state of enjoyment, but choose your company carefully. Some people can totally suck out positive energy from you just because of their negative attitude. A good friend going through a bad patch? Of course you have to be there for him or her. But if it is a perpetual state of misery, either advise that person to seek some professional help, or quietly get away.
  • Always be open for new friendships: When you are around good friends you are happier. And you can always get good friends. When we grow up or when we get too busy we assumed that now it’s too late to strike up new friendships, but that’s not right. You can strike up good friendships at any stage of your life.
  • Take control of your time: Inculcate efficiency into your day to day working so that you are not tied up all the time. If you are not efficient about handling your professional time, it always spills onto your happiness time. Finish your work on time so that you can enjoy your happy time uninterrupted.

These are some fundamental activities that you can indulge in for happiness. Here are a few more things you can do:

  • Help others: When you help people the smile of gratitude on their faces can bring you unparalleled happiness.
  • Concentrate on your hobbies and interests: Do you like playing a flute? Do you like singing or dancing? Do you like clay modelling? Your hobbies also can bring you lots of happiness.
  • Invest time in your family: This is most important. In 99% of cases if your family is happy, you are also happy. This is true for the other way round also.