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How to start developing apps for the iPhone

Developing apps for the iPhone

Do you often wonder how to develop and design apps for the iPhone smart phone? Despite having programming background in different languages sometimes it can be intimidating to think of developing applications for the iPhone simply because it is an altogether different interface. But you just need a good start.

Why start developing apps for iPhone

The iPhone has left many conventional mobile phone companies high and dry with its meteoric rise. It started a trend that nowhere seems to stop. Before the iPhone there were no smart phones in the real sense. But after the iPhone, many companies jumped into the fray and started offering their own versions of smart phones fully capable of running complex software and accessing web-based applications such as Twitter and Facebook.

Nonetheless, it’s the iPhone, whether you like it or not, that rules the roost. It is the most widely used smart phone in the US and recently it also took over BlackBerry is preferred business smart phone.

So naturally it is one of the biggest attractions for programmers and developers all over the world. Every application worth its salt has an iPhone version these days. More and more people are using their smart phones to access the Internet and use their day-to-day applications rather than computers and laptops. In fact, it’s being predicted that more than 60% people accessing the Internet is doing so via their mobile phones such as the iPhone.

It’s also one of the biggest revenue sources for independent programmers. The Apple iStore has created an immense opportunity for independent programmers to create their own iPhone versions of apps and sell them through the iStore.

The biggest problem is of course learning how to develop apps for the iPhone. After all it is a Mac-oriented application development environment and many of the contemporary programmers don’t use Apple products as far as coding goes.

Apple has come to your rescue. In order to encourage more and more programmers to develop apps for the iPhone the company has started its own resource on the Internet that can be used by programmers in order to learn how to develop iPhone apps. Here is the direct Apple link that teaches you, using an interactive interface, how to start developing apps for the iPhone.