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How to stay inspired as a self-employed person

It’s great to be self-employed as you are your own boss and you can decide your own work environment and time frame (provided you don’t have to work along with your clients). When you are working for yourself you can decide your own rates and you can also decide for how long you want to work. You can decide what sort of work you want to take on, how much money you want to earn by the end of the month and so on. If you work from home you also get to stay with your family.

Stay inspired as a self-employed person

But staying focused and inspired can be one of the biggest problems for the self-employed. Since nobody is breathing down your neck you are not forced to follow a deadline and there are very few people who can remain inspired without supervision.

Another problem is that since you are your own boss you are also responsible for all the ups and downs your business has to go through. So on many occasions you will not feel inspired and you will feel totally drained. There will be bouts of depression and on many days you simply want to give up and join the security of a regular job. The problem is exacerbated when you see everybody around you heading to their respective jobs fully aware of the fact that after fixed working hours they will be out of office. They also know how much money they are going to get by the end of the month.

Have a clear idea of your priorities

In order to stay inspired as a self-employed person, this article in Inc.com suggests, always have a clear idea of your priorities. Stop comparing yourself with your friends and colleagues. You chose your career path fully aware of all the problems and ups and downs you may face. This was your choice, this was something that you wanted to do.

Stay positive about your work

Also, feel positive about your work. Instead of simply thinking of earning money, think of the constructive work you are doing. For instance, I’m writing this blog post: although I will be paid for it and that might be my only motive, but along with that I also have the satisfaction that I could find a useful link that I can share with my readers. Similarly, when you’re working with your clients, even though eventually they will be paying you, think of how you’re going to help them achieve their goals. You are an important part of their existence and that is why they are paying you. Nobody pays you for just being there.

Feel proud of your work

Although this is not mentioned in the above link, also feel proud of your work; this way you can stay inspired even when you have to slog for hours in an isolated corner of the world. Don’t take it as some punishment of sorts.

Remember that work is not everything

Many self-employed people forget that work is not everything. Work is but a part of your life, it shouldn’t become your life. Your inspiration level takes a dip when your work life begins to take a toll on your personal life. This is why you keep on comparing yourself with happier people. Instead of resenting them for having a secure lifestyle, try to create a secure lifestyle for yourself too. Complete your work on time so that you can wind up on time and be with your family in the real sense (not while sitting in front of your computer with your baby on your lap).

Staying inspired as a self-employed person is a condition that you can develop gradually. You have to accept that there will be lows and highs. You may have to encounter disappointment at many stages. During these times you will have to remind yourself why you decided to start your own path rather than joining the usual grind.