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How to stop ads on your Android phone apps

Although advertising is the staple of the app developers who provide free applications it can become a bit annoying, especially when the advertisements come in the way of using the interface.

There are two ways of getting rid of advertisements from your Android phone apps, according to this Business Insider article: removing the apps that display advertisements from your phone, and changing settings in Play Store so that it does not show advertisements according to your preferences and apps usage pattern.

For removing Android apps that display ads, you can download and install a free app called AirPush Detector. Once you have installed it, it scans all the applications on your Android smart phone and then gives you an option of uninstalling the applications that use advertisements from the following frameworks

  • AirPush
  • LeadBolt
  • Appenda
  • IAC
  • Moolah Media

As specifically mentioned by the developers, this app does not block advertisements, it simply tells you which applications are using advertisements from the above-mentioned frameworks, and then it is up to you whether you want to uninstall the applications or not.

Google also uses its own system to display advertisements according to your usage patterns. In order to stop Google from doing that, you need to launch Play Store on your smart phone, then go to Settings and uncheck “Personalise ads based on my interests” under Google AdMob Ads.