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How to stop biting your own cheeks

Some people have this very nasty habit of biting their own cheeks from inside and if you’re one of them (you cannot stop biting your own cheeks from inside) than you must know what a nuisance it is and you must have been trying quite hard to stop this habit. Some people bite their cheeks so much that they develop chronic ulcers and they have to seek medical attention.

Biting your own cheeks from inside begins without even you realizing it. You first begin to nibble at the softer portions, and when you can feel small knots you begin to roll your tongue over them and start chewing more and more to feel bigger and bigger portion. Eventually that portion comes off and you either spit it or swallow it, and then start chewing the other parts of your cheeks.

But you don’t always bite your own cheeks from inside purposely; sometimes your teeth grow in such a manner that the inner skin of your cheeks on its own comes between your teeth and you end up biting your cheeks. This is not exactly a habit and you need to see a dentist in order to sort out your teeth.

So how do you stop biting your own cheeks?

Like any other habit you can also stop the habit of biting your own cheeks. Here are a few things you can do in order to achieve this:

  • Deal with your anxieties: Many people chew and bite their cheeks when they are anxious or tense. If this makes you bite your cheeks then you need to learn to cope with your emotions in a positive manner. Of course some problems don’t just go away and you cannot get rid of anxieties and worries simply to stop biting your cheeks, but this can be a good beginning.
  • Start chewing something else: Chewing a gum isn’t very healthy for your teeth but for some weeks you can try having a gum between your teeth so that you have something to chew whenever the urge hits you. Basically, you want to chew something and when nothing is around you, you end up biting your own cheeks. So if you have something in your mouth you won’t have to nibble at your own skin.
  • Ask people for help: Often it is visible to people around you when you are chewing your own cheeks from inside. Ask them to stop you whenever they notice that. Inform them that you are trying to get rid of this habit and they will gladly help you.
  • Use your will power: This is the best way of stopping yourself from biting your own cheeks. Just think about the risks involved. You are not simply chewing off small bits of your skin, you are also exposing yourself to the risk of getting mouth ulcers, infections, and worse, even cancer.
  • Remain positive: Many people have observed that they stopped biting their own cheeks when they started doing something that made them happy. Start going out, socialize, indulge in hobbies, do some good reading, and in general nurture a positive attitude.

These are a few things that can help you stop biting your own cheeks from inside. You are welcome to share your own thoughts on this topic in the comments section.