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How to stop Instagram videos from auto playing

The newly incorporated feature Instagram video has quickly started giving jitters to the old dog Vine according to this Mashable link. A slight problem is (although the same thing exists in Vine too) that when you’re going through the list of your Instagram videos, they automatically start playing. This can be quite irksome. Just imagine, whether you want to view the video or not, the moment it is in front of you, it starts playing. Instagram got it mixed up with the way it shows the images.

The good thing is, you can easily turn off this feature so that the Instagram videos don’t auto-play the moment they appear on your screen.

All you have to do is

Launch your Instagram app

Locate the Profile tab at the bottom. In most of the cases it should look like this:

Instagram profile tab

Then go to Settings

Instagram settings icon

Under Preferences you have to tap on the on-off button next to “Auto-Play Videos”.

turnoff video autoplay in Instagram

This will stop your Instagram videos from auto playing.