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How to stop Pidgin notifications from showing up in Ubuntu

Pidgin is a great multi-chat client that you can use on multiple operating system but it has specifically been designed for Linux-based boxes such as Ubuntu. With Pidgin you can use multiple chat clients such as GoogleTalk, Yahoo messenger, MSN, AOL and a plethora of other chat interfaces. The greatest advantage of installing Pidgin is you can manage all your chat IDs through a single interface and this is a handy feature when you need to interact with people using different chat software and interfaces.

This becomes more so important when you are providing services and products on the Internet and the chat clients are the only communication channels you have with your clients. Now, if your favourite chat client is GoogleTalk and one of your clients uses the AOL messenger it won’t be appropriate to tell him or her to start using GoogleTalk. You need to keep respective chat clients running all the time and this is where tools like Pidgin can help you.

But an annoying problem can be the constant deluge of notifications that you will face once you set Pidgin running. Since you will be managing multiple chat clients whatever activities happen in those chat programs come up as notification pop-ups in Pidgin. So whether one comes online, or off-line, you get the notification, and just imagine if you have 100s of friends added to various chat clients!

Mercifully, you can disable or stop pidgin notifications easily. You need to disable or enable the notification pop-ups using the Pidgin options. In order to stop pop-up notifications start Pidgin or if it is already running just click the icon in the system tray. When you see the window click Tools and then Plugins.

Stop Pidgin pop-up notifications

You see the following window:

Stop Pidgin pop-up notifications

Scroll down to Libnotify Popups or something similar. You can totally deselected or select it and then click “Configur Plugin” and it brings up this screen:

Stop pidgin pop-up notifications

Here you can individually select what sort of notifications you would like to see. For instance it doesn’t make sense to get Pidgin pop-up notifications for every sign in and sign off. On the other hand you would like to get applications if somebody directly sense you a message or initiates a new conversation.

After selecting/deselecting the check boxes click Close and all the annoying notifications will be stopped.