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How to sync Tomboy Notes with Dropbox

Tomboy is a great note taking application that is available across platforms, including Windows, Linux and Mac. If you simply install the application and start using it it saves all the notes locally. This makes it difficult for you to access your notes from multiple places and even from different operating systems. In fact, you would also like to access your notes from your mobile devices.

The best way of sharing your notes (in fact any file) is storing them in the cloud, and one of the best cloud drives is Dropbox. Since Dropbox is available for almost all operating system environments (and also via web interface) all you have to do is access your Dropbox folder in order to go through your notes. So this is how you can sync your Tomboy notes with one of your Dropbox folders.

Create a folder, let’s say “TomBoy” inside your Dropbox folder.

Then launch Tomboy Notes and from Edit go to Preferences and then select the “Synchronization” tab.

Tomboy Dropbox synchronization

Since in most of the cases the Dropbox folder resides on your local drive, in the “Service” drop-down you need to select “Local Folder”.

Then using the “Folder Path” drop-down you can go to the folder that you would like to use for storing your Tomboy notes, in this case it would be, TomBoy (you will need to navigate to your Dropbox folder).

As you can see in the above image you can also set Tomboy to automatically sync your notes with your Dropbox folder at set intervals. That’s it, click “Save” and you are all set to go.