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How to synchronize or connect Microsoft Office and GoogleDocs

This is a method that can bring you the best of both the worlds. GoogleDocs make your documents available to you over the web no matter where you are. You are no longer tied to a single computer thanks to cloud computing. Another benefit of GoogleDocs is that you can collaborate on different documents at the same time while the collaborators are sitting in different parts of the globe. Another benefit of using Google Docs is you can access your documents even on your mobile phones and tablets.

Nonetheless, being on the cloud GoogleDocs don’t provide you features that come with the Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and for some, also Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact this is one of the greatest reasons why some people are unable to make the switch. They want some tools that can help them synchronize and connect Microsoft Office with GoogleDocs.

Both Microsoft Office and GoogleDocs don’t have native support for synchronizing these two great office suites. But there are many third-party utilities available that can help you synchronize Microsoft Office and GoogleDocs.

The best way to connect Microsoft Office with GoogleDocs

There are many options available to you but at HowToPlaza we have been using Google Cloud Connect for a while now and it is one of the best free plug-ins to integrate Microsoft Office with GoogleDocs. It is very easy to install and it doesn’t slow down your Microsoft office related activities the way many other utilities do. The problem with other software and tools is they begin to synchronize every existing document and this can take a while. Google Cloud Connect on the other hand leaves it up to you whether you want to synchronize the current document or not.

Some other tools that can help you synchronize your Microsoft Office suite with GoogleDocs are reviewed on this labnol blog post.