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How to synchronize your Firefox 4 on your PC with your Android phone

As mentioned in one of our earlier blog posts Firefox 4 has come with a syncing feature that allows you to synchronize your profile data across multiple devices so that wherever you are using Firefox you can access your bookmarks, saved URLs and other important information.

Before proceeding you would like to go through how to backup and sync your profile data in Firefox 4.

Since there is a great chance that you are also using Firefox 4 with your Android phone or device you would like to synchronize your data between your PC and your Android phone too. You can easily do that. First of all you will need to set up the latest version of Firefox on your Android phone. Once the browser is installed for your Android phone, tap on the Settings icon and then touch “Preferences”. You will easily be able to see the Sync section.

When you switch on the synchronization option you will be provided with a verification key divided in three parts. This verification key you will need to enter into the Firefox version running on your main PC (this is the place where you want to synchronise your android phone Firefox with). On your PC start Firefox 4, on the top left corner click that orange button and go to options.

On the proceeding window you will see multiple tabs and you will also see the Sync tab.

Synchronizing Firefox 4 with Android phone

As you can see there is an “Add a Device” link. Click the link.

Synchronizing Firefox 4 with Android phone

This is where you enter the verification key and once you have entered it correctly your Android phone is synchronised with your Firefox 4 version on your PC.