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How to keep toxic people away from your life

Toxic people

Not only chemicals are toxic, even people around you can be toxic. They can have a very bad influence on you even by their mere presence.

Who exactly are toxic people?

It can be one of your family members. It can be one of your colleagues at your workplace. It can be one of your so-called friends. It can also be your girlfriend or boyfriend. Whenever they are around, you end up feeling negative about yourself, about what you do, about your goals and ambitions. They have a knack of putting a pin into the balloon of your enthusiasm. Instead of encouraging you to do your best, they act as naysayers. They always focus on what you cannot do rather than what you can do.

Even if they don’t directly target you they can create a toxic environment. Constant negativity can be bad for your state of mind. If they are constantly complaining about their lives, how everything is messed up perpetually, what a lousy deal they have got, etc. they are toxic for you. People who are perpetually fearful, running out of money, foul natured (even if not targeting you), unkempt, bad parents, with lax morals, they can all sap positive energy out of you.

Keeping toxic people away from your life can be a great challenge especially when they are your family members. Can you stop talking to your brother or sister, or your mother or father? Can you break up with your partner? Can you throw your child out? These are all very tough decisions, and you can make these decisions only when you realize what is at stake and what their toxicity is costing you.

Here are a few things you can do to keep toxic people away from your life.

Believe in yourself

Why should you give people enough power to put a dent in your enthusiasm? If you want to be a writer and you know you can become one, there must be a reason for that logic. You must have read your own writings. At different junctures of your life people must have given you positive comments after reading your writings. You have a way your words. Then why should somebody telling you that you cannot become a writer and you should forget about it, affect you? Who knows more about you? You or that person?

Communicate what you feel about that person, to that person

If somebody makes you feel bad about the world in general and your self in particular, let it be known to that person. There is a great possibility that he or she doesn’t even realize what he or she is doing to you and consequently, may even change his or her behavior. Even if he or she doesn’t change his or her behavior, he or she will be conscious. In many cases, people do this purposely. They want to unnerve you purposely and they are in this comfort zone that you are not aware of that. Once you let it be known that you know what they are doing, they feel exposed and vulnerable. Also let them know that their attitude is not going to affect you.

Avoid the company of toxic people

Of course this is very obvious but sometimes you have to make extra effort to avoid the company of toxic people. It doesn’t mean running away from them or feeling scared of them, it’s just that, you have got better things to do. It’s like, constantly killing one mosquito at a time, the entire night, or, putting up a mosquito net and sleeping peacefully for the rest of the night.

Give them a dose of their own medicine

Most of the toxic people, strangely, consciously or unconsciously, have an inkling of what they’re doing and what they are achieving in the process. They know they are causing you harm and in the process, they feel superior to you. You can give them a dose of their own medicine by finding their faults and pointing out what all they cannot do. You don’t have to stoop down to their level but sometimes it is fun to act what you are not. Think of it as a game. It will scare them away or at least force them to tone down their pursuits.

Let other people know how you feel about a particular toxic person

If that person creates a toxic environment for you, there is the great probability that he or she is creating similar circumstances for others too. Start spreading the word how negative that person is and how he or she constantly discourages you from doing what you really want to do. Sooner or later he or she will come to know of it and grow self-conscious and nervous as a result.