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How to track your lost smart phone

Losing your smart phone can be greatly disturbing especially when you might have stored lots of information like contacts, images, videos and songs on it. Whether the smart phone is stolen or you simply left it somewhere both the iPhone and the Android-based smartphones these days come with features that allow you to track your lost device according to this Scientific American article.

Track lost smart phone

Tracking your lost iPhone

In order to be able to track your iPhone when you have lost it, there is a free and simple service that you can access via Find My iPhone. Once you have lost your iPhone, download and install Find My iPhone, launch the application and login using your Apple ID. Once you are logged in you can remotely take pictures from your lost devise, make it ring and locate it on a map.

In case you still haven’t lost your iPhone, you can log onto iCloud.com (you will need to sign up for a free account if you haven’t already done so). Then on your iPhone go to Settings, then iCloud and then turn on Find My iPhone. While you’re at it you can also password protect your phone.

When you cannot track your iPhone simply go to iCloud.com from your computer or any other phone, log onto your account and click Find My iPhone. You will be able to locate your phone on a map. And it’s not just the location that is revealed to you. You can also make your phone ring loudly or flash a message on the screen just in case the person who is in possession of your phone wants to return it to you.

Other functions that you can perform are remotely password-lock the phone and remotely wipe off the data (your contacts, e-mails, documents and photos) no matter where the phone is.

There is a caveat though. The phone needs to be on. Even if it is in Aeroplane Mode it won’t work. Another reason why it might not work is that a person who has your phone has logged into iTunes and erazed the application.

Tracking your lost Android Phone

For tracking a lost Android Phone you have got multiple phone tracking applications, for instance Where’s My Droid, which is a free application. This is, assuming you haven’t lost your phone yet.

Once you have this application setup, if your android phone goes missing,, you can send a password via text message to activate the app on the phone. This will make your phone ring at its maximum volume for 30 seconds. A different code will let you locate the phone on a map. If you go for the pro version that costs you $4 it can also remotely allow you to wipe all your important documents and other stuff.

What happens if you haven’t installed any app and you have lost your android phone? There is an app called Plan B that you can remotely download on your phone. It opens up automatically once downloaded and sends the phone’s location to your Gmail address.

And then there are some applications that can actually take photographs of the person who has your phone and then e-mail to you. There is a feature called Candid Camera that comes with the android app TrustGo Mobile.