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How to transform the way you use email

Email, it seems, is as old as the Internet. Although there are a zillion email services with more or less the same features, there hasn’t been much development in this arena. You get to see the same old features that you used to have back in the early 2000s. Although there are some great desktop email management clients many people still prefer to use web-based interface and when it comes to using web-based email, beyond particular features there is nothing much you can do.

Listed in this GigaOm article are a few add-ons and services that you can use to totally transform the way you use email.

For instance, Boomerang for Gmail. Aside from scheduling your emails (for instance you can compose and save an email now and it will be automatically sent according to the interval you have set). Not only that, in case you want to be reminded if you don’t hear from a particular person. Suppose you send any mail to a contact and that contact doesn’t respond within a couple of days. The same email is brought in front of you so that you can do the follow up accordingly. You can use this add-on both in regular Gmail and Google apps email.

Another interesting Chrome add-on is Textbox.io. No longer you have to use the default text editor of Gmail. This new add-on gives you an email editor that not only gives you advanced wordprocessing and formatting features but also lets you compose emails in a full-screen interface.

Visit the article for more add-ons.