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How to use Twitter to find a job

Are you looking for a job? Although when it comes to online professional networking nothing beats LinkedIn, Twitter can also be a great source for connecting with potential employers and resource people. In fact according to this article in Forbes Twitter is fast gaining on LinkedIn as a great tool for finding employment.

According to the survey referred to in the article, last year 26% of job seekers in America used twitter to find work. This year the figure has jumped to 34%.

Twitter being a social networking website every effort goes into getting in touch with as many people as possible and putting your best foot forward. Here are a few things you can take care of in order to improve your prospects when looking for a job through Twitter.

Create your profile page professionally

It doesn’t mean hiring a professional to create your Twitter profile page, it means putting all the relevant information over there. Add to the one-liner bio exactly what you are doing right now. Then explain your core expertise and why prospective employers should be interested in contacting you. Also mention a relevant link that leads to maybe your blog or website. Many businesspeople and entrepreneurs use the background page to fill in the remaining details. Basically you need to use your Twitter profile page as your business card where you mention your designation, your capabilities and your other interests. Don’t unnecessarily use whacky expressions just to sound cool, especially when you want to use your Twitter account to seek job opportunities.

Start following relevant people and organizations

As a job aspirant you must know what is happening in the organizations you would like to join. It is always good to know people who already weild some influence in your field so that in case you need a good word from somebody, you are not at a loss. Regular interaction with influential people in your field also helps you keep yourself updated about what is working and what isn’t working these days.

Post valuable and relevant content on a regular basis

Your presence on Twitter is defined by the sort of content you post and retweet. This is how you get noticed. Although you must also spend some time networking with people and organizations, a big chunk of your time must go into posting highly valuable content that either you are generating or you are curating from various sources.

By your content people should be able to make out your profession in most of the cases. Twitter content is also indexed by various search engines, so it might also show up when prospective employees are looking for people to hire. This is why in most of the cases you should stick to your field. If you are a copywriter, then most of the content you post over Twitter must revolve around the profession of copywriting, whether you are sharing tips, work experiences or just expressing opinion.

Keep in touch with your contacts on various social networking platforms on a regular basis

Of course this doesn’t mean that you keep on annoying them with unnecessary offers or by simply sucking up to them. Maintain a meaningful dialogue. There is no dearth of chances, it is just that we don’t actively seek opportunities to interact with various people. Remain in that mode. Respond whenever they ask a question and if you have an appropriate answer. Pitch in if you can add value to an ongoing discussion, thought process, or even a joke. The basic idea is setting up a level of familiarity so that in case they need to validate you, they don’t wonder who you are.

To be frank these fundamental to every sort of interaction no matter what is the platform and no matter whether you’re doing it in the cyber world or in the real material world. Constant contact and adding value to your surroundings is paramount to creating an influential identity that attracts employment opportunities.