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How to use Twitter with no Internet access

With a 24-hour Internet access – whether you’re using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G – we take connectivity for granted and we assume it is always going to be there. Well, there might be some situations when you don’t have Internet access and you would like to check your Twitter messages. This might specially be more important during emergencies like Hurricane Sandy when you can get vital updates on social networking websites. According to this article in Washington Post you can follow some Twitter handles like @DrGridlock, @PepcoConnect, @CraigatFEMA, @EricFisherTWC, @MayorVinceGray and @BreakingStorm or some hash tags like #hurricanesandy or #sandy to get latest updates on the various regions affected by the natural calamity.

Fortunately you can access Twitter even when you have no Internet connection, according to the same Washington Post article mentioned above. You can use your SMS service to send and receive messages. The important number you need to save is 40404 (please keep in mind that only US-based phone numbers can use this service). With this SMS service you don’t even need a Twitter account in order to follow other users. In order to follow somebody, all you have to do is send a text message to 40404 containing “Follow username” (without quotes). Don’t use the @ sign before the username. For instance, (just hypothetically) if you would like to follow howtoplaza you just need to send a text message to 40404 containing “Follow howtoplaza”.

Since it is standard text messaging service you will need to pay for every message you send out. That is why you should turn on and turn off the service as and when you require. You can turn off the service by sending “OFF”, “STOP” or “LEAVE” to 40404. Send “ON” to 40404 and the service will be resumed.

What if you already have a Twitter account?

In order to send messages you need to have a Twitter account. First of all you need to start the service by messaging “START”.

You will get a reply to confirm and you will need to send “YES” (all the messages will be sent to the same number mentioned above).

After that you will need to text your username; again, don’t use the @ sign.

After that you will have to send your password following the same procedure.

After this, every message you send to 40404 will be posted under your Twitter account.

In case you want to send an update to a particular person (mention in Twitter language) you can simply send

@that_persons_user_name + your message

You can also send direct messages using the conventional Twitter format.