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How to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 from your desktop

Ubuntu recently released its version 12.10 but lots of new exciting features such as the integration of social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter with the desktop interface and allowing your Dash search bar to bring up results even from your online accounts such as Flickr photos, Google Drive documents and so on (you will need to add your login details in the Online Accounts section). Even if not for the new features you should upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu to benefit from all the security updates added to the system.

You can use your inbuilt update manager to get the new version of Ubuntu onto your desktop automatically instead of having to first download it, burn an ISO CD and then run it. In order to install it automatically, launch the Dash and search for “update manager”.

Initially it just might show the update options for your current Ubuntu version.

In order to get the button that allows you to upgrade to the latest version of the operating system, go to “Settings and then set “Notify me of a new Ubuntu version” to “For any new version”.

After closing make sure that you close the update manager also. Then, when you relaunch it you will find the “upgrade” button at the top:

Click the “upgrade” button and your upgrade starts. After that you simply have to follow the steps shown on the screen.