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How to upload images to your WordPress blog without FTP

Wondering how to upload images and photographs to your WordPress blog without having to use your FTP program again and again? Images are a great way of enhancing your blog posts and if you are a power blogger you must always be looking for ways to speeding up your repetitive tasks like publishing blog posts and uploading images to your WordPress blog.

If you use Live Writer to publish your blog posts you can use its inbuilt feature to upload images and photographs. Read how to upload images and photos to your WordPress blog with Live Writer. Once you have submitted your FTP details and the default image folder path, it’s simply a matter of inserting images just the way you may do using a Word Processor. Even other blog editors may have a similar feature.

Even if you directly publish your blog posts using the default WordPress dashboard you can easily upload your photos and images and insert them into your blog posts directly. While editing or creating blog posts, you simply need to click this icon/button:

WordPress button for uploading images

This brings up the window that let’s you upload, enter various attributes, set image orientation and size, and then insert the image into your WordPress blog post:

This section lets you images and photographs to your WordPress blog

You can choose file by clicking the “Choose File” button and when you click the upload button after a while you get the following screen (click image to enlarge):

Adding different attributes before inserting images or photographs into your blog posts

As you can see, all the information boxes are self-explanatory. If you scroll down a bit you can just copy the URL and then save the image so that can use it later on.