Want To Appear Here?

Although I’m continuously surfing the Internet to bring you the best "how to" posts people are writing on their blogs and websites (mostly blogs), it is not humanly possible to include every quality content.

If you think you’ve written something great or you want to recommend someone else’s link you are welcome to do so. Just make sure it should teach my readers something new and interesting — in any field or sphere of life — and whose title can be written in the "How To…" format, click here to send me an email. It may take a while (in case I’m getting lots of submissions) but I’ll put your link here as soon as possible.

What are the benefits?

  1. When I find a "how to" link I re-write the introduction in my words and optimize the post in such a manner that it should appear in the search engines fast. Although this doesn’t happen 100% but if you check a few post titles (copy/paste the part after "how to") in the search engines you’ll find them listed on the first or second page. Just make sure you check the title of 3-4 days old posts. So this way, if your post is not appearing their, you’ll get leverage through my post, and if you ARE appearing there, then you’ll get exposure for another set of keywords.
  2. If I REALLY like your post I’ll put it in Featured Post section at the top where it’ll stay for a day or more and won’t move down as I enter new posts.
  3. You’ll get extra traffic.