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How to watch Hulu from outside of USA

This may hinge on the periphery of illegal but you can easily watch Hulu from outside of USA. Many of you must have rued the fact that you cannot watch this premier online TV service if you don’t live in the USA. Hulu often says that there is some problem with copyright complications in other countries and they are trying to sort this out.

And it is not just the people who would like to watch Hulu from foreign countries even if you are a US resident and happen to be visiting another country you cannot access Hulu.

There are many solutions available, like trying to access Hulu through a proxy server or setting up VPN (virtual private network) but somehow people at Hulu have succeeded in curbing these activities. But there is another solution that definitely works (at least right now it is working) and that is the HotSpot Shield.

This cool application doesn’t just allow you to access Hulu from outside of USA it also encrypts your transactions on the Internet, hides your IP and makes your transactions more secure if you’re accessing the Internet through public Wi-Fi.

Just install it and start using it. No particular technical knowledge is required