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How to make your Wi-Fi connection available to only selected devices

Do you think that somebody is stealing your bandwidth? If you have an unlimited account (well, there is never an unlimited account), you may not feel the pinch in terms of bandwidth costs, but it can be a nagging experience if you have to feel speed bumps because people who are not supposed to use your broadband connection are using it. Another problem can be, whenever relatives come to visit with their own laptops and devices, they hook onto your connection, causing needless nuisance. Do you know that you can make your Wi-Fi connection available to only selected devices?

By default, your Wi-Fi router makes your connection available to everybody, provided they have access to your SSID and authentication key. Your SSID is easily visible to all those in the vicinity of your Wi-Fi router. Some can also get hold of your authentication key with their resourcefulness. On the other hand, if you have the ability to provide your Wi-Fi connection to only a selected few devices, this problem immediately vanishes. How do you do that?

For most of the Wi-Fi routers you can access the management interface by typing in your browser. It will ask for admin name and password that you should have. Once you have logged in, go to the wireless connection management area. From there there must be a subsection called “Wireless MAC Address Filter”. You will need to tweak information in this section.

MAC address is Media Access Control used to access individual devices via the Wi-Fi connection. Each device has its own unique MAC address. Whether you have a computer, a laptop or a tablet PC it has its own MAC address.

Accessing MAC address of your device

The easiest way of finding your MAC address for a Windows 7 PC is,

  • Click the Start icon on your desktop
  • In the search box type “cmd” (without quotes) and press Enter
  • At the prompt, type “getmac” (without quotes) and press Enter

You will see two headers: Physical Address and Transport Name

Physical Address is your MAC address for your Windows 7 PC

For Samsung Galaxy go to Settings and then “About device” and then Status.

You will have to scroll a bit until you find “Wi-Fi MAC address”.

For your own specific device, you can easily search on Google how to find it’s MAC address.

Changing your Wi-Fi router settings

By default in every Wi-Fi router the Wireless MAC Address Filter is deactivated. In order to allow only particular devices to access your Wi-Fi connection, you will first need to activate this feature. For a quick description, this is how this particular section should look.

Using MAC address to give Wi-Fi access to only selected devices

After this, Save the settings and you are done. From now onwards, only the selected devices will be able to use your Wi-Fi connection.