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How to write great SEO titles that go viral

Coming up with a great article or blog post title can be one of the most challenging tasks to achieve while creating new content. What is the title matter so much? Because it is the first thing your prospective reader comes across upon reaching your page or blog post. It is also the first thing he or she sees when someone posts your link on a social networking website like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.

Even when it comes to getting good traffic from search engines, it is your title that draws people to clicking the link. If your title isn’t inspiring enough, if it isn’t attractive enough, people are not going to click it.

That’s why you need to put in lots of effort while coming up with the title of your webpage or your blog post.

The problem with creating SEO titles is that you have to incorporate all your primary keywords while keeping it as interesting as possible. An optimized title must highlight the most interesting and exciting aspect of what you have written.

A great new twist can be given to an existing idea with a creative title, according to this blog post in Search Engine Journalif. Besides this, these are the following traits of a great SEO title that has the potential of going viral:

  • Create shorter titles: Shorter titles are not just catchy and easier to understand, they are also easier to spread. For instance, Twitter allows just 144 characters and in that much space you have to include the title and the link (even after using URL shortners) and also add a bit of your own spice.
  • Offer something irresistible: This might be a bit difficult because you never know exactly what people are looking for, but if you are focusing on just a particular persona then it becomes easier to work on it. Through the title offer your readers something they are desperately looking for. This is where targeting matters. Target your audience to your content and also your day-to-day interactions on social networking and social media websites.
  • Let your own attitude manifests in the title: It doesn’t always have to be about your readers. If you have a unique styles, let it come out. If you can create titles that you think will sell like hot cakes, then definitely do your own thing rather than speaking the language of your readers.

Another way of creating a great title is first creating the article or the blog post. Then out of that, right at two-sentence summary of what is the most compelling aspect of what you have written. And then out of that, create the title.