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How to write for the search engines

For better search engine rankings you must know how to write for search engines. To be frank, the moment you “properly” start writing for your human visitors you’re supposed to be automatically writing for search engines.

All major search engines want you to create great stuff, whether you are writing or creating images and videos. They want to find awesome content for their users so that people keep coming back to those search engines. Content can be of many shapes, but contemporary search technology forces the search engine companies to put more emphasis on written content as you can go through text programmatically and analyze it.

With billions of pages incessantly competing with each other for rankings, search engine algorithms have to get choosy about whom to rank how. Hence, while rankings different pages and websites their algorithms take into account not just what you’ve written, but also how you have written it, and that makes the big difference between just writing, and writing for the search engines.

So here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to

Write for the search engines

  • Focus on a single keyword/key phrase at a time. When you are creating a new web page or a blog post, decide on what you’re going to write, and then stick to that. For instance, this blog post is about how to write for the search engines and I’m writing just on that. I’m not trying to talk about different SEO tactics or how to develop your writing skills. Just, writing for search engines. This will help you focus on a single topic/keyword/key phrase.
  • Use your primary keywords/key phrase in the title. The search engines think that titles are very important, and they are right. It’s your title that entices your readers, it’s your title that tells them in the most compelling manner what’s in store for them. And it’s your title that appears as a hyperlink when people conduct searches and your link appears among the search results. Research has shown people click more on links that contain the keywords or search terms they’ve just used. So use your important words in your title.
  • Organize your text in a search engine friendly manner. Use your main keyword in the beginning of your first paragraph so that the search engines know you’re serious about the topic. Use headings, subheading and bullets to organize your main points and use your keywords in them. A reader should be able to get the entire gist of your web page or blog post by simply going through headings and bullets.
  • Don’t worry about keyword density. It hardly matters what’s your keyword density if you use the right word to create your content. When you write for the search engines it’s very important you pick your words carefully, and then use them fittingly.

These are the fundamental things you need to take care of if you want to write for the search engines. Have some more tips? Please share them in the comments section.